About the Deepest Love


I named this site The Deepest Love with the words from this hymn in mind:

O, the deep, deep, love of Jesus,
vast unmeasured, boundless, free.
Rolling as a mighty ocean
in it’s fullness over me.

Through hard times and the kindness of God I now know the love and joy we desire – The Deepest Love – is found in God alone (1 Jn 4:7). I lived as a Christian for thirty-two years before I discovered the walls in my heart preventing me from experiencing His love. The walls came down, His love flooded in, and I met a God joyously and passionately full of love for me – foolish, frightened, me. The words of this hymn finally made sense.

Now I am passionate about inspiring people to tear down any wall preventing God’s love from flooding their hearts with joy. Here at The Deepest Love I will be working to help each of us to see God more clearly, so that we desire to draw closer to him, and to identify and tear down any wall preventing that intimacy. I will share my own story – both the difficulties and the joys – so that we can journey together; I will be looking for and pointing out the movement and beauty of God in life as I live it; and I will talk about walls in our hearts that prevent us from knowing His love more deeply.

An Invitation

I would be delighted if you would follow along with me at The Deepest Love. If you click on the “Follow” button at the top of the sidebar to your left, you will be invited to give your email address. Then, each time I post a new article (once every two weeks or so) you will receive an email notification. My hope is that each post will inspire you to move deeper into the love of God. I also welcome your comments and interaction: Let me know what God is stirring in you.

About Me

My Roots: I grew up in Washington State (think rain, coffee, and wool socks with Birkenstocks) and Alaska (think more rain, fish slime, and leaping Humpback whales).

jasona (2)My Jobs: I am the mother of three captivating and delightful young people ages 17, 14, and 9 and the wife of my best friend, Doug, who pastors Greenwood Community Church in Denver, Colorado. I am also the Director of Soul Care at GCC.

My Background: Doug and I graduated from Regent College in Vancouver, BC, where I received a Master’s Degree in Christian Studies.

My Favorite Book Friends:Knowledge of the Holy” by A.W Tozer; “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy; and “Gilead” by Marilynn Robinson. I am always looking for something to read, so let me know what you love.

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  1. Love your open healing heart and praising The Lord you are sharing His gifts with the world. his limitless love pours through your thoughts, keep sharing!
    So honored to know you and your heart!!
    Bless you sweet sister!

  2. Jasona, I see the deep passion that Jesus has put in your heart. He has given you these beautiful words to express His deepest love for us. I look forward to reading your posts. Barb❤️

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