Suffering and Grace Part II: An Old Woman and a Young Man

Since my last post about suffering and grace, I have encountered two people testifying to Jesus filling empty places and wounded hearts until 'cavernous places' glisten with hope. I heard from an old woman in Washington State and a young man in Rwanda. Their stories of suffering are different: early widowhood and aging vs.  genocide horror. But... Continue Reading →

The Cosmos and the Crèche: The Compassion of Christmas

I have two images colliding in my mind today - the cosmos and the crèche. The sparks from this collision sear my heart with Jesus' words: "I judge no one," (John 8:15). Last Sunday our pastor displayed Hubble space telescope images. I gazed at swirls and bursts of infinite colorful stars, the beauty and glory splashed around the... Continue Reading →

Death Working Backward: Why We Hope for Healing

I will be speaking at a small, quiet healing service this Sunday night; friends will come with broken hearts and broken bodies, hoping for a touch from Jesus. Why can we hold a healing service with hope that Jesus will heal? I will try to bless my friends in their hope by reminding them about the larger story we live. Our story began... Continue Reading →

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