Advent Devotions 2016


During Advent, the four weeks leading to Christmas Eve, the Lord invites us to prepare our hearts to celebrate Jesus’ birth with the most JOY possible.

I will post one Advent devotion a week for the next four weeks. Because joy erupts in our hearts when a deep longing is finally met with glorious fulfillment, each week’s devotion will focus on a particular way God fulfills our deepest desires—for Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace—through the coming of His Son.

If you’d like to make use of these devotions, please set aside some moments of quiet to prayerfully read through the scriptures and thoughts. Try to still yourself so you can hear your heart speak and so you can attend to impressions, nudges, or breaths of encouragement from the Lord. You might read one verse that stands out to you slowly, many times, allowing the Holy Spirit to apply its truths and the hope, love, joy, or peace it contains to the deep places in your heart. May the Lord bless you with JOY this Advent season.

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