The Holy Spirit in My Palm

The quiet kitchen looks blurry as I struggle to focus my eyes this early in the morning. As the timer measures four minutes for my French-press pot of coffee, I stand in my bathrobe waiting. Do I turn to the window to awaken my vision with the growing daylight in my backyard? Do I still my heart in anticipation of the time of scripture-meditation for... Continue Reading →

The Contours of the Most Beautiful Face

When you see the setting sun burn the clouds into wisps of gold and red and those colors shimmer toward you across the blue-dark water, what do you feel? When after a snowfall you step into the sunshine where your breath makes mist and the mountains extend before you, glistening to the north and south as far as you can see, what happens inside you? When... Continue Reading →

Waiting in the Dark

Darkness: Two girls from my daughter's school will spend Christmas Day awaiting charges of conspiracy to commit murder. They intended to shoot students and teachers. Darkness: Yesterday my friends wept at the funeral of a sixteen-year-old boy who shot himself in his loving family's basement. Darkness: People dear to me face Christmas with empty chairs where those they... Continue Reading →

Trap Doors of Fear

Traversing the corridors of my mind can be risky. Simply thinking about this or that, I can tread upon a trap door of fear. Then my footing--my walk by faith--falls away, and I tumble down into the pit of "What ifs?" But the pit is dark fantasy, a bleak unreality. Because never do I find there a Loving Father. Down where the... Continue Reading →

Dark Emotions, Reason, and Kindness

My dear friend lost her husband last month. Another friend wrote to me about her dark thoughts and anxiety because of this man's death. Since then, I have battled my own inexplicable anxiety. Meanwhile, I have been reading Timothy Keller's "Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering." So this morning I am thinking about our dark emotions and praying I can... Continue Reading →

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